Bird hunting in Uruguay is fantastic and will be a treasured memory for you. There are an unbelievable number of doves, and the perdiz hunting over dogs is the very best in the South America.


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5 Days Dove & Perdiz 

In ACRUX HUNTS we specialize in  mixed bag wingshooting in Uruguay. Our hunts offer the best perdiz hunting over dogs in South America and fantastic unlimited dove shooting. Available from May 1st. through July 31.

Dove Hunting outfitters in Uruguay|ACRUX HUNTS


5 days Dove Hunting

Acrux Hunts organizes Dove Hunting trips in Uruguay. You will hunt roosts, flyways, and feeding fields, with an unbelievable number of birds. No  limit on doves in Uruguay so you may shoot as many as you wish or as many as your shoulder can stand. 

 Hunts Plus Fishing

Fishing for Dorado, Uruguay's top fresh water game fish, is available as an addition to our hunts or as a special trip. Golden Dorado are fierce fighters and can weigh well over 20 pounds.Acrux Hunts Outfitters can arrange this experience for you. 


Will stay in a superb Hunting Lodge, a real ESTANCIA-Pampas' Ranch

Our hunting locations are 20-40 minutes from the estancia so you will spend more time hunting than traveling.

Dove Hunting outfitters in Uruguay|ACRUX HUNTS|Dorado Fishing Trip



Dove Hunting outfitters in Uruguay|ACRUX HUNT|Gauchos Lifestyle accomodation
Dove Hunting outfitters in Uruguay|ACRUX HUNTS|No limit dove shooting